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MagicMail User Spam Management

From here, you can administer all of the functions that you have permission to access. Normally this includes enabling Anti-Spam Filtering.

Please note, you require both JavaScript and cookies enabled to use this interface.

Spam Rules

Using the Spam Management section, you can configure your anti-spam options. You can choose to use a built-in spam profile, or advanced users can customize rules individually.

Once you have logged in you can change your settings. You must first enable anti-spam filtering. If you choose to customize your anti-spam rules, you must then select between "Silently Drop Spam", which will automatically delete unwanted spam messages, or "Mark Messages for Quarantine" which will place the messages into a special area for you to review.

If you do not have access to this feature, contact your email provider to have it added to your account.

Check Spam Logs

If your account has Spam Protection enabled, then you would like to see how much Email is caught by the Spam Protection.

View Quarantined Mail

You can view blocked messages in your quarantine mailbox.

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